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Vortrag zur unisuccess

We don’t do things like you are used to. Why?  Because we don’t have to.

We bypass traditional European knowledge by applying a different philosophy in EVERYTHING we do. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics without ever having produced a single piece of hardware. This is what we call Fabless - Fabricationless. We speak directly to our customers and our solutions are developed with them in mind. We provide them the best support anyone could. We know our products inside and out, we don’t use intermediaries and we allow our customers to reach us directly.
70% of our products are either the first of their kind in the world or the first of their kind in the industry.

At KEYENCE we move forward together. Our products are used throughout research, product development and manufacturing processes at companies of all sizes all over the world. We work hard every day to add value to our company, our customers, and society. At KEYENCE we take great pride in it. When it comes to our employees, we believe in learning by doing. They are developed from the moment they step into our offices, we value them and we value their experiences. Our employees are also our best teachers, we have an open culture where what you say is listened to. If our employees prove that their suggestions work, they are implemented. We see that almost every week, throughout the company, in every team.

Our applicants can come from your country, your town, your street. Maybe even your house.
Want to be Fabless with us? Come meet us so we can get to know you.
Our company is a company of Leaders and we want you to be one, too.



Mr. Christian Starzyk
Sales Manager


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