Writing Successful Job Applications in English

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Will you be sending CVs, resumes and job applications in English?

Have you already translated your Austrian CV into English? Are you wondering if it's good enough to secure that next job, study or internship opportunity? Well, find out at this session:  'Writing Successful Job Applications in English'.  Iketina Danso of professionalscheck.com will present techniques for writing successful CVs and resumes in English.
CVs and resumes for English speaking employers are very different to German-speaker CVs used in Austria. A direct translation of your CV from German into English will probably result in a CV that is full of regrettable mistakes. Find out how to write your English CV right and turn it into a tool that attracts your favorite employers.

Iketina will present essential tips and techniques for writing a successful CV or resume, explain how to tackle the biggest challenges for non-native English speakers and point out the most common mistakes to avoid. She will also show you the essentials for writing successful cover letters and LinkedIn profiles. There will be lots of concrete tips, as well as time to ask questions. After this session on 'Writing Successful Job Applications in English' you will have all you need to write a high performance CV in English and secure more interviews.

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It can be difficult to write a successful job application in English, especially at the start of your career.  There are many ways to write a CV correctly in English and even more ways to make unforgivable mistakes. Whatever your career stage it's essential to thoroughly check that your CV or resume communicates your skills value clearly, before hitting 'send'. Many CV or resume products on the market focus on design and templates, but employers are looking for evidence that you can communicate your skills clearly.  Find out how by visiting professionalscheck.com. Our CV and resume checking tools have been developed by qualified professionals and are especially suitable for multilinguals. A professionally checked CV will get you more interviews and secure you the opportunities you want.


Iketina Danso founded professionalscheck.com to coach multilingual professionals on writing successful CVs in English. With a corrected CV in clear English, you'll get hired faster. She's a Londoner who has worked in more than 5 countries and a variety of industries. At professionalscheck.com, she leads the development of tools to make online CV checking affordable, accurate and professional for multilingual professionals. Professionalscheck.com has successfully secured opportunities for multilingual professionals in academia, the UN, EU, small medium sized companies, startups and companies around the world.
Write to Iketina about improving your CV in English: iketinasymbolprofessionalscheckpunktcom


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